About Services

What makes your services different?

Our services focus on the individual first. This is where transformation occurs. Success is dependent on discovering natural talents, and then developing strategies built on these innate strengths. In most instances, individuals will purchase training programs hoping they provide solutions. Stop jumping to solutions! They rarely deliver. Success must start within the individual.

Do you talk to any groups that aren’t businesses?

Yes. Although our focus is on how individuals create successful results in business, everyone has unique talents and abilities. Once they are identified, any individual can become a more effective parent, spouse, or student. In general, an individual can reduce much of their frustration in life by understanding their strengths. Self-esteem improves when people focus on their talents.

Do you do any sales meetings?

Yes. We provide Quick Start to Success programs. These programs include conducting weekly sales meetings over periods from 1 – 3 months. We will also provide continued sales management services for companies that do not have the necessary resources.

How do I pay for your services?

We will be happy to assist you achieve transformation in exchange for a check or payment through Pay Pal.


About the Transformative Process

How long will it take?

Answering this question by providing the research behind the transformation theory will take longer than helping you bring about the desired change. Just kidding, but not much! Actually, there are 3 types of change strategies. In many instances, successful people get caught up in dilemmas that cause much frustration. During these periods they are incapable of finding their way out toward clarity. These situations can be resolved within 2 – 3 hours during a professional consultation.

However, most new clients tend to use assessment procedures that require a couple hours per week for about 1 month. Our philosophy is to bring about the necessary solution as quickly as possible. This is feasible when focusing on discovering the exact nature of the problem. Most pre-packaged programs are not designed to perform this work to deliver the personal results you desire.

Is improving performance really that easy?

Yes. Consider this philosophy. A common denominator of success is the fact that successful people, at some time in their life, discovered their natural talents. We all have them in various combinations except they remain hidden. Successful individuals have discovered their innate talents, and then continued to focus their efforts in environments where these talents would be valued.

How painful will this be?

Actually, although some clients may go into this process with some fear about what they will find, they quickly become amazed at how they are brilliant in their own way. It turns out to be a very positive experience. Everyone truly has the seeds of genius within them in varied combinations of unique characteristics.

What if I don’t like taking assessments?

You probably have had a bad experience with assessments, or don’t believe that you will discover greatness within you. The profile assessments used in our services have one purpose. They are used to identify your unique talents and aptitudes. We have never conducted these sessions and found no innate aptitudes. We always find people amazed at some of the findings even when they thought they knew themselves.

Do you think this work can more effectively be done in-person or by phone?

This work can be done in person or by phone. In many instances, it can be even more effective by phone. There are not as many distractions as when two people are sitting across from each other. Also, the client and the consultant can focus intently on what is being said, or not said, when they are concentrating on the assessments and conversation from the comfort of their respective surroundings.

What do you think is a common problem facing most companies today?

Most companies, and individuals who generate revenue, have enjoyed periods of success when everything was working well during prosperous times. In a very simple way, these companies and individuals have not been able to adapt to the changing environments. They return to enjoying successful results when they make minor adjustments that put them in sync with the new market conditions. The transformative process identifies exactly what factors need adjustment. The changes then become quite easy because the solutions are so obvious. It is a natural phenomenon that individuals cannot see their situation clearly especially when conditions have gradually changed over time.

Is there a common challenge that most companies seem to face?

Change. It represents constant opportunities or challenges depending on the organization. An organization that understands its unique competencies is capable of continually adapting to change in order to capitalize. If an organization does not understand its core competencies, or what their critical competencies should be, they will continually try to create the success they once enjoyed in a market that does not reward their system. Once again, it is usually evident by looking inside the organization rather than just focusing on the external market.

Is there a common denominator among successful people?

Yes. Successful people, for various reasons, have had the benefit at some point in their life of becoming aware of their innate talents and abilities. They focused on using these talents as they progressed in their careers always looking for opportunities that used these talents. At the same time, they made sure that success in any of their endeavors did not depend on what they were not able to do effortlessly. In other words, they carefully navigated their path to success by insuring they focused on using their natural talents as frequently as possible in environments that best rewarded them.

Through the transformative process are there areas where people tend to freeze?

Absolutely. Research has shown that people tend to freeze at two points in the transformative process. The first is at the start of the process, so these individuals choose to continue on whatever path unwilling to look at their situation or to engage in this work. The other point is when the solution is apparent, but the fear of taking action causes them to freeze or revert to the comfort of their discomfort. Because we are familiar with these sticking points, we are uniquely helpful in assisting individuals to walk across the bridge of these phases to greet their success.


About Mike

A major part of your business is working with salespeople, but you don’t seem have a hard-sell presentation, why is that?

I believe strongly in having a planned, professional sales presentation. However, years ago I delivered sales workshops for a company that promoted personal and professional development seminars. The presentation was designed so well that I enjoyed an extremely high closing ratio for memberships. Over a brief period, it became obvious that although people enjoyed the seminars, they were not getting the benefits that I knew were possible. Today, I choose to work with the right clients at the right time in their development to bring about successful change. This is much more important than simply selling pre-packaged programs to everyone.

Would you call yourself a coach?

I do not call myself a coach, although, coaching is probably an aspect of the services I provide clients. Business owners tend to refer to me as a consultant while some individuals may refer to me as a coach. I tend to stay away from referring to myself as a coach because there are many types of coaches and the term has too many meanings for different people. Of course, as long as I help my clients bring about the transformation they desire, they can call me whatever they please. This work is all about them, not me.

How long do you typically like to work with a client?

As briefly as possible! Seriously, because I am not selling pre-packaged programs, rather helping clients to discover Simply Unique Solutions, I would like to see them get results as rapidly as possible. Life will continually present challenges, so there will always be a need for future services. Working with individuals to help them discover their true competencies takes a few more sessions to complete the discovery process. I have clients that I have worked with since I started this company. So, I guess the real answer is that I would like to work with people throughout their life, or the life of an organization. However, I always want to help you eliminate your frustrations and get the desired results as quickly as possible.