A “Paradox” Exists Between You and Your Goal

Discover it and enjoy increased profits…miss it and the frustrations are overwhelming

Business Owner          Your business is not performing as expected

Manager                       Concerned about your position, career path, team performance

Salesperson                 Struggling and not meeting quota…or having fun

Professional                                                                                                                                                                                                           Service Provider          Frustration – Growth of your practice does not match your efforts

Guaranteed Solutions for Moving Onward

You will benefit from applying these concepts as they pertain to your specific business challenge.

  • Paradoxes Create the Effective Solutions
  • 5 Phases of Transformative Processes
  • Why Business Owners Become Frustrated
  • How Businesses Stagnate
  • Identify the Primary Objective to Achieve
  • Recognize the Major Obstacle Confronting You
  • How to Achieve the Goals that Elude You
  • Strategy Dilemmas in Organizations
  • Establish Strategic Objectives
  • Clarify Strategies and Tactics
  • How to Target the Correct Results
  • What Successful Managers Really Manage
  • Most Overlooked in Time Management
  • Why Teams are not Teams
  • Ineffective Groups to Effective Teams
  • Prevent Daily Confusion for Achieving Strategic Goals
  • Prepackaged Programs are Detrimental
  • Jumping to Solutions Prevents Progress
  • Focus on Solutions
  • Chaotic Change Presents Opportunities
  • Capitalizing on Turning Points
  • The One Thing that Changes Everything
  • What Actually Transforms
  • Instantaneous or Gradual Transformation
  • The Art and Science of Effective Action
  • Same Talents Create Vastly Different Incomes
  • Identify Environments that Pay the Most
  • Knowing when to Persist When to Reflect
  • Why People Resist Coaching
  • The Effective Coaching Process
  • Two Primary Areas that Require Assistance
  • The Secret that Hurts




Mike, you raised many insights that confirmed a thorough and investigative approach constantly engaging in a search for the truth. This is most valuable in your chosen field with clients where there is less scientific proof of what works and why.

If you are considering taking your personal or professional game of life to the next level, take the opportunity to talk with Dr. Mike Nordbye because…. he is very insightful and can really help you figure out what your next move should be.
Out of all the business coaches and advisors, your help in yesterday’s meeting, I am confident, catapulted us farther than any other advisor. I really could not have made the kind of progress we did without you.

Mike Nordbye is the founder of Proven Strategies, a business and management development firm. Recognizing that companies and situations are unique, Mike adapts “Best in Class” management strategies to produce measurable results quickly for his clients.

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